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World Creativity and Innovation Day ,2024

World Creativity and Innovation Day is a day celebrated around the world to create awareness about the importance of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development. The Polytechnic Wing of Longowal Group of Colleges, Derabassi in collaboration with Institute Innovation Council of the College celebrated World Creativity and Innovation day on 23.04.2024.This year, the theme of World Creativity and Innovation Day is “step out and innovate.” The event was marked by several competitions that show cased the participants’ artistic abilities and innovations. Students participated in contests such as Best out of Waste, Project Presentation and Speech Competitions. The students with their innovative ideas crafted items out of waste. The students of Dip. Electrical, Dip. CSE and BCA also exhibited their creativity in the form of projects, working models, website designing and presentations. Dr.Rosy Katyal (Principal) in her address said that these kinds of competitions encouraged students to use their imagination to solve real-world societal problems and also provide opportunities for students to showcase their innovative thoughts. The event was a huge success and received overwhelming participation.

Baisakhi Celebration

Longowal Group of Colleges, Derabassi reverberated with enthusiasm during the Baisakhi celebrations. The festival of harvest was celebrated on 12- April-2024 in the college campus in order to acquaint the students with the Punjabi culture and tradition. The college was decorated depicting the harvest season. Students were explained about the importance of the festival by showcasing the Punjabi culture. Dhol beats and Punjabi folk music added to the excitement. Students and staff were dressed in colourful Punjabi traditional attires. While speaking on the occasion, Dr Rosy Katyal (Principal) said Baisakhi is not only a harvest festival but also an auspicious day as on this day Guru Gobind Singh had established the “Khalsa Panth”. It is also the time to remember the supreme sacrifice of Jallianwala Bagh martyrs.

Id-Ul- Fitr Celebration

Festivals are important as they help individuals to understand their roots and keep the community integrated. Longowal Group of Colleges, Derabassi lays emphasis on celebrating different festivals to develop an understanding of the values of each important festival and to bring about a feeling of oneness and tolerance to help students coexist in a mixed environment and learn from each other. With these thoughts, the pious festival of Eid-Ul- Fitr was celebrated with grandeur and joy on 10-April-2024 in Longowal Group of Colleges. The celebration started with an inspirational thought which highlighted the importance of the power of faith. It was followed by rendering of beautiful songs and dance performances. One of the students recited a poem on Eid which reaffirmed our faith in humanity and equality. The students created an aura of the festivity in their beautiful attires. They joyously participated in competitions of Mehndi and Poster Making. They also showed their culinary skills by preparing variety of dishes in Cooking competition.  There was also a soulful presentation of Naat by students, thanking God for his endless blessings that he has bestowed upon us. Principal Dr. Rosy Katyal in her address said that we all should be proud of our country India, which has so many colours and so many festivals to cherish and the celebration of Eid is an endeavor to inculcate in the children the true spirit of religious tolerance and secularism. Secretary Dr. Vinod Katyal also encouraged children to follow the path of peace, love and friendship.

Scholarship Certificate Distribution Ceremony

In the impetus to ensure that quality and affordable higher education is available to every student, Longowal Group of Colleges, Derabassi has instituted a Scholarship Program to help socio-economically weaker students in collaboration with “Youth Dreamers Foundation” owned by Pernod Ricard India Foundation (PRIF). A “Scholarship Certificate Distribution Ceremony” is organized on 18- March-2024 in Polytechnic wing of the college. Dr. Himanshu Gupta (SDM, Derabassi) was the Chief Guest of the event. YDF team Mr. Deepak Prajapati( Sr. Program Associate) and Ms. Navneet Kaur ( Sr. Scholar Sathi ) shared the journey of the foundation, its achievements and impact of the scholarship programs on society with faculty members and students. The students also shared their experiences. This year 19 students were given the scholarship certificates, which were distributed by Guest of Honor Naib Tehsildar (Derabassi) Mr. Harinderjit Singh and YDF Team. Dr Rosy Katyal (Principal) in her address focused that recognizing meritorious students, identifying socio-economically poor deserving students help in reducing the financial burden of education on the students and their guardians and impetus for other socio-economically poorer students to dream big and get formal education. She also offered gratitude on behalf of the college to Mr. Saurabh Mehrotra (Director and Founder),Mr. Khushal Suthar (Program Manager) and Ms. Riya Kumar ( Communication and Donor Reporting Associate)of Youth Dreamers Foundation for their unwavering support. Mrs. Sakshi Katyal (HR & TPO) also asked the students to focus on their studies and helping others to rise in education when time comes. Dr. Kapil Katyal (Vice – Chairman) and Dr. Vinod Katyal (Secretary) said that these kinds of scholarship programs by the college have helped many students in the past to pursue their studies and the college will continue to do so.

National Voter’s Day

The National Voters’ Day has been celebrated on January 25 every year since 2011, all across the country to mark the foundation day of Election Commission of India, i.e. 25th January 1950. Theme for this year’s NVD is ‘Nothing Like Voting, I Vote for Sure’. The main purpose of the NVD celebration is to encourage, facilitate and maximize enrolment, especially for the new voters. National Voters Day 2024 was celebrated with pomp on January 25, 2024 at Longowal Academic    College, Dera Bassi. To bring awareness regarding vote and voting rights, Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competitions on the topic “Importance of Voter’s day” were organized in the college. The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi also addressed the youth of the country through a live webinar. He encouraged the younger generation to use their voting rights properly and to play a strong role in nation building. All the necessary arrangements were made by the college to conduct the live webcast in the campus. The college students and teachers in great numbers watched the live webcast of this momentous occasion. Also the pledge for National Voters’ Day is taken by the faculties, staff and students under the guidance of Principal Dr.Vinod Katyal. By taking this pledge our students understood the importance of voting.

Diwali Fete-2023

Diwali is a festival of lights & symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. The Diwali celebrations at college mean a festive look with diyas and lanterns adorning the classes. The activities permeate the college premises with an atmosphere of togetherness and hope. Longowal Group of Colleges, Dera Bassi organized Diwali  Fete- 2023 on 9 November 2023  with great enthusiasm. The entire college campus was lit up with festive and traditional lamps. The college was decorated with flowers and colorful Rangoli. Many cultural and gaming events were also organized for the occasion. Students unfolded their creative skills through activities like Best out of Waste Competition, Rangoli Competition, Candle and Diya Competition, Mehandi Competition. Friendly matches of Volleyball, Badminton and Chess were also held. Wonderful dance and music performances by the students filled the atmosphere with happiness and joyfulness. Students and staff also enjoyed themselves at the Gaming and Food Stalls all organized by the students. The Chairperson of the Group, Smt. Kanta Katyal, blessed us with her benign presence. She was accompanied by Vice Chairman Dr. Kapil Katyal and Director Dr. Vinod Katyal. Principal, Dr. Rosy Katyal talked about the significance of the festival – how good always conquered the evil and also about why and how Diwali is celebrated across India. She also distributed prizes to the winners. The staff and students enjoyed the celebrations wholeheartedly.

Student congratulation flyers

World Malaria Day, 2024

World Malaria Day is an annual event which takes place on the 25th April to highlight the global efforts to control and prevent malaria. Longowal Group of Colleges, Derabassi has organized a seminar with the collaboration of Sub Divisional Hospital, Derabassi on 25-April-2024 to educate the students about malaria. A team from Civil Hospital comprising Dr. Dharmender Singh (SMO), Dr. Rahul Mahajan, S.I. Rajinder Singh, S.I. Shiv Kumar, MPHW Kulwinder Kumar and MPHW Rajinder Singh conducted this seminar. Their presentation included historical brief of malaria, causing agents and its symptoms and also its diagnosis and treatment. They also provided information on how do people can avoid getting malaria. A poster making competition was also held to raise awareness on the prevention of malaria. Students also took out a rally to spread the message in society to not let water stagnate or get collected in houses and around them. Dr. Rosy Katyal (Principal) in her address said that we all have the responsibility to end malaria within the society and through these kinds of activities we can urge students, people and community to come together and fight this disease, so that we can have a malaria free world. College Event Committee also played an active role to make this event a success.


Voter Awareness Campaign

Longowal Group of Colleges, Derabassi has organised a Voter Awareness Campaign on 13-5-2024 and 14-5-2024 in its premises to promote Electoral Literacy amongst youth. The students enthusiastically participated in the campaign particularly the first-time voters. Many cultural and artistic events like Rangoli making, Poster making, Essay Writing were organized to spread awareness about the right to vote and also about importance of this right. The teachers and students also took the pledge of casting their vote righteously. Principal Dr. Rosy Katyal said that the program was aimed to educate students about the electoral process in order to increase their awareness and participation in the electoral process.

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